Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The four day weekend.

The next time John gets a four day weekend from work, he is going to say no thank you.

Friday morning, he got up and started making the new trim. He got the doors done, and then went to go get more boards and quarter round. He continued to work. Saturday he got all the baseboards in and the quarter round too. Sunday he cut and installed the new trim for the inside of the bathroom door. Last night he got the blinds hung up for me. I know there's more. Oh, like sanding the doors down to be painted, moving the hole for the new door knobs. Endless hours of watching the kids while I filled holes, primed, painted, caulked and painted more.

This morning.

Last night while I painted, I tried to go over what was left to do. I got overwhelmed. I have one coat of primer on the doors. They need another coat of primer, and probably 3 coats of paint. Then I can put on the new hinges and knobs. THEN I can paint the bathroom. THEN I can make the bedskirt. Like the step stool as a bedside table? The actual table getting a make over. That's what I did in my spare time this weekend. Guess what I didn't do? Sleep.

Last night I went into the bathroom to get a cloth wet. I turned on the light switch and waited a minute wondering why the water wasn't coming out yet. I just couldn't figure it out. Then I remembered the faucet needs to be turned on, not the light switch. Yeah, exhausted.

If I work every night (after the kids are in bed), I can have it done in......maybe another week.

The kitchen is not cleaning itself, and I can't imagine the cats are cooking lunch for us either.

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