Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More pre-vacation projects

The ol' "before March 1st" list really was super long. I just ran out of time to take pictures and/or blog about them.

Shirt turned pillow cover.

I bought this shirt on my thrifting trip in February. It was on sale for 37 cents plus tax. I have no idea why I didn't look for more shirts! Maybe next time. I thought I'd seen an online tutorial, but I couldn't find it when it was time to sew. So I just cut the front and the back apart, then measured and cut the fabric the correct size. Sewed around the outside and it was done. So easy and quick!

Bitty Baby needed a wardrobe change between pictures.

Ellie's looking tired in that picture, huh? Yeah, she fell asleep right after lunch today. I hope she's not getting sick again!

The little pillow got recovered too. I just used some of my drop cloth fabric from either the curtains or the table runner. I can now whip up a pillow cover with piping without looking at the instructions. It's easier than it looks. I took down the big window/door thing over the table and put the floral painting back up. I love that painting. John bought it for me a long, long time ago.

So now my entry is ready for spring! It has been so nice here. Tomorrow it will go back to being cold.

I'm making progress on the bathroom. I'm done priming the walls, trim, and ceiling. I have one coat of paint on the walls. It still seems like there is a lot to do. Second coat of paint on the walls, two coats of paint on the ceiling and the trim. Removing the old caulk from the tub area and re-caulking it. I haven't even started on the doors. Maybe this weekend. John has to take them down, sand them, and then reconfigure the holes for the new knobs. The knobs I chose (for the entire house) said they will fit into almost any existing door. But not ours! Thank goodness John is handy with woodworking and figured out a way to drill/move the hole out a bit without destroying the doors. I love DIY! Nothing is as easy as it seems.

I do love fixing up our house. It makes it ours. It makes it home. When we walked into the kitchen Saturday night after a long day of travel, the first thing I saw was the entry. It was almost like I'd forgotten we'd remodeled it. It felt like "oh! yeah! home! This house I love and am making ours for our family! Yippie!" Or maybe I was just momentarily insane from the 4 hours in the plane followed by and hour and a half in the car.

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