Sunday, March 27, 2011

from my thrifty shopping list

A wooden bowl. We looked everywhere. I finally found one I liked, so we started looking for a wooden candlestick. Apparently there are none to be found in Indianapolis. So I kept looking locally. Finally I found one for a quarter.

"How YOU doin'?"

I think the wooden bowl was a quarter as well. It said 50 cents on the price tag but it was a green tag, which was the sale color of the week. So I am pretty sure it was only 25 cents. My lucky day!


Now I don't know if you'd find such a thing in a retail store, but if you did it would be more than 50 cents.

I have no idea why I made this.

Maybe I made it to hold fake nests? I need to knit a bigger one. This nest goes in another bowl. I could also see it with Christmas ornaments. Full of acorns or buckeyes? The possibilities are endless.

Inspiration here.

Bathroom is nearly done. I have the walls, ceiling, and trim done. New shelves are hung up. New artwork on the way from Etsy. John took the doors down and sanded them today. He redid the doorknob holes and added the trim pieces to match the other doors we've done. Now just 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint and I'll be done with them. Why it takes so much paint I have no idea. We sand the doors down, but that old sort of fake wood (I think it's real wood, maybe just poor quality? it's super dry? who knows?) just does not want to be painted. I'll get them whipped into shape though. And soon. Because next Saturday, I'm Ikea bound. Woot!

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Anonymous said...

love love love that bowl/candlestick. We have several local shabby chic places that I adore visiting and I always look at the beautiful wares and think "Amanda could make this for less. i just need to be patient for her to post such a thing then i can make one."