Monday, March 21, 2011

Back home again and it's spring!

We've been on vacation. We went skiing in Utah. Now I'm back, I'm refreshed (that is, refreshed as a person can be after waking up at 4am every morning on vacation due to being 2 time zones away from home), and I'm ready to go again.

Simple spring centerpiece.

I think I did everything on my "to do by March 1st" list before we left. I actually lost the list itself. I do know that on it was to clean up this HUGE ironstone bowl, to cover these jumbo sized Easter eggs, and to add stripes to my drop cloth table runner. The bowl was so dirty when I found it that I almost didn't recognize it as ironstone. It was a not so thrifty find at five dollars, but it was too cool to pass up. It's so big that it will not fit into my kitchen sink. The eggs are from the Dollar Tree. I covered them in pages from an old DT book that I'd used for the wreath last fall. I still have book pages to spare. The runner was already made, and I just painted the stripes on with craft paint and textile medium. It should be machine washable.

Ellie saying "cheese!" and wondering why I keep snapping pictures of the centerpiece.

About a week before vacation I got my next round of ideas. Ledge shelves (done and waiting to be hung) with spray painted thrift store frames containing the girls' artwork (almost done). They are going in the girls' bathroom. But then I was giving them a bath one night, and thought that I should really paint the walls before I hang the shelves. The tub needs re-caulked too. A while back I'd decided to just leave the bathroom as is for this round of remodeling. But soon all the other trim (except the kitchen) will be white, and the bathroom will stick out like a sore thumb. So I am just going to paint the existing woodwork to match the new stuff we've been installing. I'm painting the walls (and ceiling) with a neutral off white color. I got the supplies this morning, and will be ready to prime tonight. It won't be a huge change, but it will make me happy as I sit in there and give the girls their baths. It will also solve the problem we created when we installed the new light in there last winter.

Bathroom before new windows.

It doesn't show up very will in the picture, but there's a ring of lighter colored paint right around the light. Some day will be be gutting this bathroom, but I think the white woodwork and some fresh paint and decorations will keep me from finding out if that wall in the middle of the room really is load bearing or not.

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