Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a great weekend

We got so much done this weekend. Saturday morning I got my oil changed, then took some stuff to drop off at Goodwill. I shopped there and two other thrift stores for white dishes for my hutch. I found a few things. John got to mow the yard, then we watched our nephew Lucas for 3 hours. After the girls went to bed, I hung the door in the dining room and painted it. Whew! I almost couldn't get it hung, but I didn't give up. I wanted to be really careful with my screwdriver and not scratch the freshly painted hinges. I was supposed to wait 3 days before touching them, but I didn't have that kind of patience. After painting the door, I was still not happy with it. I decided it needed one more coat of paint. Ugh.

Today we got up, folded and put away three HUGE baskets of clean laundry. Cleaned the master bedroom and bathroom. Hung the old dining room mirror over John's dresser since I'd used the one that used to be there in the dining room. Then John said "want to lower the TV today and hang up my guitars?" Of course I said YES! But what I'd heard was "want to lower the TV today AND hide the cords and then hang my guitars?" So John goes and gets tools, takes the TV off the wall, lowers the mounting bracket and said "tada!" Well, not really. Then I said, "um, honey, the cords?" and then he cussed. But then, he hid them for me. We'd already purchased some junction boxes that we were going to run them through, and some cover plates with big holes for many cables. Well, the dang screw holes on the plates didn't match the junction boxes. My fault. I'd bought them six weeks ago. Ugh. So, plan B. John got a huge drill bit and just drilled two (well, three, but this story is already long enough) holes in the wall. It all ended up working fine, and despite some glaring, we didn't even fight!

THEN despite me deciding Ellie didn't need a nap, we kept going. My goodness. It was sort of another mix up. Last Tuesday or so, John said he'd trim out the living room window for me soon, but that he needed a few days off from woodworking. I think he said "Give me until Sunday." When he hadn't started by 2:30pm, I figured he wasn't going to do it. I reminded him what he said and even though he had no memory of saying it, he got right to work. He worked from 3pm until 8pm and got it done! He even took a break to cook steaks on the grill for us. What a man! Seriously. He's such a hard worker.

After I got Ellie to sleep, I gave the dining room door a (hopefully) final coat of paint. And while I was doing it, I figured out what I am going to do on the little space of wall in that corner. Woot! Just need to find time to do it.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be filling the holes in the living room and bathroom window trim (just painting the old trim white in the bathroom), priming and painting them.

And that is the play by play of our weekend.

If you made it this far, here are my two sweet babies!

They were picking and eating little wild strawberries in the yard. I was taking pics to print and hang in our hallway. We have a set there of just Mary. Poor Ellie. I think we have maybe 10 printed pics of her in the house.

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