Thursday, August 5, 2010

august to do list

There's nothing like starting a to do list on the 5th of the month!

Dining room
--touch up paint
--finish door
--keep decorating

--paint window/frame in living room
--paint window/frame in hallway bathroom

Clean house from top to bottom for Ellie's b-day party (9/4). Not because the guests care, but because I care. And I've neglected the house for the last month.

Clean out craft closet. Currently, when I open the door, things fall out. Need to have it clean enough that I can have the door off for a week while painting that door.

Clean out coat/shoe closet. That door will also be off for a week or so while we (what we? I'm the painter!) paint it.

Convince John he's ready to put in new baseboards and door trim into the entryway and living room starting the weekend after Ellie's b-day party.

Make over a mirror for Mom. I got this ugly/vintage mirror for free. Mom's going to do a wall of mirrors with white frames (she's caught the painting bug! I am so proud of her.) so I offered to fix this one up and give it to her.

Lose the 10 pounds I've gained back by 8/29 which is my 34th b-day. Ugh. So frustrated at myself.

I actually need to have most of this done by August 27th as we already have plans that weekend. I hope I can do it all!

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