Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's a crazy storm outside.

I hope our new turkeys are okay! There were 3 mothers and 7 babies this morning. Then this evening there were at least 6 adults. I couldn't even count them all.

"That raccoon, Mommy?" Um. No. But good guess. We saw a lot of raccoons out that window this summer when the mulberry tree had berries. I told Ellie they were turkeys, mommies and babies. Then all day I heard "Where baby turkey, Mommy?" We scared them up tonight when we were feeding Ariel and checking the garden. Turkeys are some HUGE birds to see flying. Ellie was scared of them and clutched to me.

I'm still plugging away at the dining room. I'm hoping to get the door hung this weekend and then get a final coat of paint on it.

I'd been hoarding, er, SAVING these white plates for months. I kept adding to them when I went to thrift stores, yard sales, etc. The huge platter is a family heirloom. I felt a little funny about hanging it on the wall (I worry it will fall and break), but I wasn't getting any joy from keeping it in a box wrapped in bubble wrap. Besides my $4 ironstone platter (rectangular one on the upper left), I don't think I paid more than a dollar for any of them. I know that 4 of them cost 12.5 cents each (taped together, 2 for 50 cents at Goodwill, then marked down 50%). I love my wall of plates! I might add to it or I might not.

I'm still working on the hutch. I want to fill it with all white stuff. The stuff that is in there is all stuff I had around the house. I'm going to try to hit a couple thrift stores this weekend to see what I can find for it.

Hmmm, the DVR has been searching for a signal for 20 minutes. This isn't looking good for TV time tonight. Maybe I should just go to bed.

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