Monday, March 29, 2010

TV stand progress!

I'm slowly making progress. Let's see, last Sunday I primed. John took the girls to his Mom's. They came home, and Ellie got sick. Same thing I'd had a week before. Mary had it last weekend too. John waited all the way until this Friday to get it. Dang. I am so sick of puke!! The girls bounced right back, but John and I were out of energy for days. John still doesn't feel right.

Yesterday, we carried the dresser down to the basement. I'll be finishing it up down there. I also spray painted the handles. I mixed up the paint for the dresser. I used white, black and turquoise blue. Last night I gave everything a first coat of paint. Today I brought one of the drawers up to the TV room to see if I liked it.

The second picture is more true to the correct color. I think it looks okay with the walls. At least for now. It looks good with the carpet. Please ignore our beat up baseboard there. I'm working to convince John to replace them:). I want all white trim. Well, someday. It's on the list for sure.

After I paint it, I am going to apply a glaze. It will be a very dark brown. I'm hoping it turns out something like this:


Now, if no one gets sick for at least a week, I'll be pretty happy.

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