Monday, October 5, 2009

If I had time.....

I'm feeling the need to organize. I think it's something I feel in the fall. I know I'm going to be trapped inside all winter, and I hate the clutter of every drawer/cabinet/closet. Plus we've lived here over 2 years and the stuff is accumulating. I'd love to get some stuff organized and cleaned out before we put the Christmas tree up. That would be so nice. Then Christmas, then spring when we'll be outside all the time again.

If I had time I'd:

1. Clean out our closet, and take everything that didn't fit or I didn't like anymore to Goodwill. I'd go through the little side shelf thingy and see what we shoved in there in June 2007 that's still sitting there untouched. I'd get some storage shelving/closet organizers/something/anything!!! to go up over the hanging clothes bar. There's a shelf there now, but I just throw stuff up there and the piles fall over and it's too high for me to reach or see and now it's a huge mess. Then the stuff (clothes mainly) fall down and we think they are dirty laundry. They get washed, and I see them again as I put laundry away. I wonder why on earth maternity shorts or a top that fit me before I had kids got washed. Then I realize the closet is caving in on itself. Then I want to kick my own ass. So, I've asked John for ALL DAY on the 24th to start working on it. Including a trip to Goodwill instead of making a "Goodwill pile" and shoving it up on said shelf and having it all fall down and get washed AGAIN.

2. Organize the girls stuff/clean out the green bedroom closet. This is the place I shove too small/out of season/worn out stuff. I need to figure out what's done and needs to be donated and what I want to save for Ellie (and you know, for when we have a third girl). Right now, I open the closet and throw things in and shut it before more stuff falls out. It's awful.

3. Clean out my craft closet. I'm not even sure what to say about it. It's BAD. really bad. There's this HUGE tangled up "thing" of yarn. I have no idea how it happened. maybe one of the cats got a hold of it? I keep telling myself that I'm going to try to untangle it. I hate throwing things away. But I think I am going to. Then I dropped my bobbin box, and all my bobbins unraveled! Fun. I shoved the door shut before Ellie got to it. I think that's a theme around here. Shoving things in before Mary or Ellie sees. Well, I've reached the breaking point.

4. Organize the linen closet.I did this hmmm, 18 months ago? Another place I shove things. Ugh.

So, If I can get all that done before Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be so happy!! Of course, we need to work on the basement too. We haven't given up on it yet. Still scrubbing the floor. It's my turn to work on it tonight. I'm excited about it as I love scrubbing dirt. If I scrub for 45 mins tonight, and we each scrub for 45 mins tomorrow night, Weds, and Thursday.....hmmm....can we have it done? Maybe. It will be close. I'd love to get it painted this weekend. We already have the floor patched.

Ellie's waking up. Back to work:)

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

you are motivated! it makes me tired thinking about it. i did get out all the fall/winter clothes for the kids. that wore me out.

i am going to go lay down and read!!! i hate housework! :)