Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small update

We've (er, I mean, JOHN) painted the basement floor!!! I wish I could remember exactly what John said (way) before we painted it. Something like "think we need to do anything with the floor before we paint it?" Turns out, yes. First, we patched some minor cracks and holes. Then we scrubbed the entire thing with a tiny wire brush. That alone almost broke our spirits. No kidding. Then John etched the floor so the paint would stick. The paint said it covered in one coat, but I've never had luck with just one coat. It took 3. Which fits in perfectly since I always say home improvement takes 3 times as long and costs 3 times as much as originally planned. Anyway, it's done!! We're letting it dry. I think we'll put the washer and dryer back over the weekend. Next, John gets to build his shelves!!! I know he's super excited. He has it all planned out. He's going to see if the lumber yard will deliver since he needs several 12 foot long 2x4s. Pics to come, if the sun ever comes out and once I can walk on the floor.

Of course, in true DIY fashion, I got bored with the basement and started something else. John didn't even complain!! I'm doing this one all by myself. In Mary's old room (aka "the green room") I've taken down the closet doors, taken out the clothes bar and shelf, patched the holes, and am getting ready to paint. The current color is some icky, old sorta tan/pink/orange/blah. I'm painting it medium pink.

The color chip in the middle is the one. And it's the middle color. Once it's all painted, that dresser in the foreground will be moved into the closet. Then I'm making a new shelf and painting it lighter pink. I have some green storage bins that will sit on top of it. The entire project was sparked by the dresser. John's Step-Mom gave it to us. It's a beautiful old dresser so I couldn't say no when she offered. But we had no space for it. That closet was full of junk anyway. I'm hoping to paint it in the next week or two.

Hmm, this is turning into more than a small update. More to come when I can get some basement pictures.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

wow you have been busy. looks good. you will love that extra space in the basement. that will be so nice when the kids are older and want to have sleepovers!

have a good weds and rest of the week. thanks for cheering me up earlier. i needed it!