Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fifty-six minutes

Today, I got fifty-six minutes to myself. I left the house ALONE at 12:58pm. I went to the yarn store, a consignment store a few doors down, and then to the pet food store. I got home at 1:54pm. It was nice to have peace and quiet. Well, it wasn't really that quiet. I cranked my CD player up very loud. I drove with the window all that way down, and no one complained. No one asked me any questions as I drove, as I shopped, or as I waited for my yarn to be wound. It was so nice. I need to get out by myself more often. I'd gotten really good about it when I was pregnant with Ellie. Since she's been born, I've left both girls with John just three times. Once to run to the grocery store (19 mins there and back) to get some carrots for dinner, once to get my hair cut (about an hour) and today. So, in 8.5 months I've had less than two and a half hours to myself. Sometimes John does watch both girls while I get stuff done around the house. I do appreciate it, but it isn't the same as leaving on my own.

Here's what I got at the yarn store. Can you guess what it will be?

"Ellie Ruth"

"Mary Beth"

Mary's is half way done. Hopefully I can do them both this week.

I noticed a little consignment shop was open 3 doors down from the yarn shop. It was mainly clothes, then I found these vintage fat quarters.

I never find cool stuff like that. And they were only 50 cents each. I would have bought more, but I only had $4 on me.

And so, my fifty-six minutes were up, and I resumed my full time job as Mommy.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

those fat quarters rock! i love that you timed your time away! :) i hope you get more of it soon. we need it!

as for your projects...hmmm. i have nooo idea...maybe dollies?


Lizz said...

What a score with the quarters!

So is the yarn for xmas longies? Scarves?

sara said...

i'm glad you got some me time. it's few & far between here too.
i don't know what to do when i'm without the kiddos, i feel a bit lost sometimes!