Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do I have to have a title?

I'm still working on the yarn from the last post. Mary's is done and Ellie's is almost done. But I'm on a side project right now. A friend of mine wanted some knit and crochet play food for her daughter's birthday. So I've been busy on that. I've got 6-8 more pieces I want to make this week then I'm shipping it out. I'm expecting some yarn in the mail from another friend that I'll be making into some soakers for her little boy.

Way back in February I found a cool hanging book holder when browsing John said he'd help me make it. We even bought the pieces. Then, nothing. Well, I guess then I decided we should go ahead and move Mary into the big bedroom. But first I had to clean it out as it was our "junk" room. I finally got the junk under control, and John got the hardware installed. I sewed the fabric. I love it. I want to make another one and hang it right above this one.

I actually wrote that all last night. But Ellie woke up as I was typing. So now it's Monday, and back to "work" for me:).


Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

I *really* like that. I'm going to have to scout out the pattern and see if it's something me and my crappy sewing skills could handle.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

that is awesome. i love the fabric and the organization. oh my!

have a good week! and did you decide on the window???

Lizz said...

Well lookie there. :stealsidea*

Anonymous said...

Lovely book rack!