Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a small project

Inspired by Karen, I came home from Evansville ready to tackle some home improvement projects. In some ways, it seems like we just moved here. It seems like just the other day we were unpacking boxes and trying to get things looking like we lived here so we could have John's 30th b-day party. Then we were busy getting ready to host 18 people for Christmas. Then I was pregnant. Then I had a baby. So the house is largely the same way it was the month we moved in. Our big, big project is to get new windows. But that won't happen for probably another year. I've been thinking we shouldn't do anything before that, but now I guess I just want SOMETHING done. So, first off, this little window I've been saving.

Mary provided the artwork. Top L to R: Mommy and Daddy. Bottom L to R: Mary and Ellie. Don't mind the horrible paneling on the walls. I want to take the paneling down and paint. But that means that I want to put up new trim work. But I don't want to do that until we get new windows. Plus, I have NO IDEA what color to paint the dining room. And trust me, I think about it a lot. Sometimes I think about just jumping out of my seat and running in there and ripping the paneling off while John's at work so that we HAVE to paint.

I have another project in the works, but it will probably be the weekend before it's done. Oh, and a HUGE change coming next week.

In other news, Ellie can crawl. Last week she'd only do a few feet every so often. Now she crawls everywhere! And pulls up. She's a pulling up FOOL. Ugh. She's dangerous. I can't tell her no because she can't understand me. She just turned 7 months old last Friday.

Speaking of Ellie......gotta go.......


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

the window is awesome. i love it, and i love how she made ellie small!

tell me the huge change. you better. i expect a head's up! ;)

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

you could paint the paneling. i think that would look cool!