Friday, April 10, 2009

Who is this kid?

Seriously! Miss Ellie is growing up too fast. She learned to crawl about a week before she turned 7 months old. A week later, she was on to pulling up. I really hope it takes a while before she learns to walk. She gets into everything as it is, and since she's too young to understand "no" all I can do is try to keep things out of her reach.

I actually stood her up at this chair and let go of her for the pic. But as soon as she saw me sitting on the floor, she let go with one hand. Then she fell, crawled to me, and used me as her personal jungle gym.

This is a little old toy of Mary's. Ellie can pull right up on it like a pro. (I'll have to see what my Mom thinks, but I think Ellie looks just like me in the picture. Mainly in the eyes.)

She stood there and played forever. What a big girl! She's a sweetie too. I told John last night that when I'm out at the store (or wherever), I always noticed people smiling at me. It's nice, but sort of strange. Yesterday I realized they are smiling because Ellie is smiling. She loves to smile at people! It's also strange (to me) that Ellie weighs at 7 months what Mary weighed about 3 months.

Here's Mary at 7 months. She was probably 21-22 pounds. Yay! My big healthy girl. I was so looking forward to having another butterball baby, and then I got skinny little Ellie.

Their personalities are completely different too. It amazes us daily how different they are considering they are sisters. I love my girls so much.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

oh my! she looks so proud of herself! she has such a fun loving personality! so fearless....i remember mary when she was looked like that! oh my. they grow so fast. they are both so awesome...i think it must have something to do with their awesome parents! :)

have a great week! karen

Niki said...

Your children are amazing. :love: