Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My long day...and it's only 8pm

What a day! John left at 5:30am to go install some equipment for work. Mary woke at 5:45am and although I put her in bed with me, she didn't go back to sleep. Ellie woke around 6:15 to nurse, so once she was done we all got up.

Here is part of what I did today (too tired to remember it all): cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did my morning kitchen and tidying chores. Folded and put away 2.5 baskets of laundry. Did crafts (twice), had a picnic, built a block tent, and played with Mary's new house. Played with baby dolls WAY too much. Made a really good loaf of banana bread. FINALLY finished knitting Ellie's latest longies. Gave Ellie a bath. Gave Mary a bath (which I hadn't done in 2 months--usually John's job, but really fun to get a chance to do it. Well, not that much fun, John can keep that as his job) washed the entire day's worth of dishes by hand while silently begging Santa for a dishwasher:). Kept the fire in the fireplace going all day long. Got Mary in bed without her crying. Poor Ellie was fussing in the swing, but she managed to make it the 6 minutes it took Mary to fall asleep. Yes, that's right. No nap but only 6 mins for her to fall asleep pretty much every night.

Mary is such a big girl. She knew it was going to be a long day. I asked her if she wanted to nap, but she didn't. I did put her to bed 30 minutes early, although I am not sure she knew it. She went the entire day without a major breakdown, although I did have to bribe her with a sucker so I could cut her nails. She ate pretty well for me, which is often an issue when John's not here. I think that's because I'm trying to hold Ellie and eat while feeding Mary too. Ugh. Mary "helped" me do dishes tonight and there were a TON of them. I finished up one handed while holding her on my hip. Ellie was in her little bouncy seat thingy half asleep.

Speaking of Miss Ellie, she's going to be three months old in just a few hours! Wow. She's such a good baby. She's just starting to "do" things and she's so fun to be around. Saturday she spent most of the day staring at her own feet. She pondered them forever. Now she can grab them, but hasn't put them in her mouth yet. She sucks on her hands all the time. She loves to talk and laugh with me. She LOVES Mary. She can't get enough of watching Mary play. She's such a joy. I just told John the other night that it seems like she's always been here.

Alright, gotta get busy on a few more things before John gets home at 10pm. Long day for him too I suppose.


sara said...

you've been busy! i hope you can get good rest tonight & the girls sleep in tomorrow!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

wow! it is true...i suspected it all along! you are supermom!!

have a great week! karen