Saturday, November 8, 2008


If I never see or make another wrist warmer again, that will be fine with me! The cream ones are for Mom, and she's giving the other two pair as gifts.

Next up, sewing bags for Christmas. And for myself if I have time. And I'm making a felted handbag for the Christmas exchange. I need to get started on it, but I don't have the pattern. I need to borrow the book from the library and haven't gotten around to it. I can knit while Mary watches cartoons, and then sew at night after she's in bed. Ellie goes to sleep around 9pm so that gives me a good hour a night to sew before I have to go to bed.

The weather was really nice here this week, but now it's cold. We did enjoy a few afternoons outside.

Mary loves her little sister! I think Mary sort of finally understands that Ellie is a person. Ellie is getting a lot more vocal and can roll over now, so Mary can "play" with her a bit. Mary loves to hold Ellie's hands and helps me with her baths. I really hope they are great friends growing up.

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