Monday, October 27, 2008

Longies done....and now Christmas stuff....really!

I didn't think I'd ever finish these longies. I got to the legs and they were just boring. I worked on them here and there, but never made much progress. Well yesterday I got close enough to the cuffs to see that the end was in sight. Then it hit me! Ruffles! Yes! Then I remembered I'd sworn off ruffles last year after making a pair of ruffled longies for Mary. I decided since Ellie's legs were smaller, it would be easier. Well, it really wasn't. By the time I was done, there were 180 stitches per leg, and they were jammed on the needle so tight (I did the legs separately using a 16 inch circular for the ruffles) that it was taking a good 10 minutes per row for the last 7 rows (times two legs). Then the bind off took forever too. But they are done! They still need blocked so the ruffles will lay better. Oh, and yes, that's play-doh on the floor. That's the kitchen rug and we don't even do play-doh in the kitchen. Ugh. And I vacuumed yesterday!!

Saturday I was at Grandma Mary's house, and I raided her fabric stash. She wanted to give me more, but I told her to let me use this first and then I'd get more. Anyway, these are going to be reusable bags all with the hot pink as the inner fabric. You should see Grandma's stash! Oh my! She has it all folded and labeled by how much yardage there is of each kind. I hope she never sees my craft closet! It's a mess, and I can never locate a dang thing in there.

I promised Mom 3 pair of wrist warmers by next Saturday. So I better get going on those. Two are gifts she's giving and one is a pair for her. I can usually knit them up pretty quick. Then I'll be on to sewing bags. I have more fabric for the actual gifts I am making. The stuff pictured above is all for me!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

That fabric rocks! And those pants are adorable! The ruffles are cute. I can't believe how small they are.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love the ruffles! Well worth the extra time. IMHO

sara said...

great job on the longies. i loooove the fabric! i look forward to seeing what all you make!