Monday, October 20, 2008

Ready for Christmas

Last week, I told John I was ready to put up the Christmas tree. Last year we put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving. I wonder how early I can get him to agree to putting it up this year??? Maybe it will get me into the mood to make presents. I did go buy some supplies yesterday. I also saw these little unpainted wooden ornaments. I thought it would be fun to paint them with Mary. I got two for myself and three for her. We started on them today:

Mary wanted to get started with her gingerbread man. I explained they were usually brown, and she was happy with that. I thought we were off to a great start. But then, she wanted green. Then orange, pink, blue and white. It actually came out super cool! I can't wait for her to do the others I got her:).

I stuck the eyes on after she was done (I asked permission first). I might see if she wants me to draw his mouth back on with a marker after the paint is all the way dry.

I started a pair of longies for Ellie on Wednesday, and was off to a great start. Now I'm not in the mood to knit. I sort of started on another Christmas project, but the next step is something I have to do when Mary's not around and Ellie is asleep. I guess that's why I started early. Maybe I can work on it in 15 minute intervals on the weekends.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Mary looks like she has grown! Those ornaments are cool!

sara said...

the ornament looks great!
i am slowly starting on presents too. i purchased my materials & they have been sitting for a of these days.