Sunday, September 7, 2008


Wednesday morning at the hospital. We had so many people in the room that morning. My Dad came by with my Grandma Mary, Mom was there, John and Mary of course, and John's Mom Beth with her husband Jim. John's Dad had already stopped by while making his morning rounds, and Cheri stopped by for a few minutes before lunch.

Wednesday night, John and Mary came back for some family time.
We've been super (overly) busy since we came home. We had to go back to the hospital Friday for blood work on Eleanor (since she got discharged from the hospital before she was 48 hours old). On Saturday Eleanor and I went to the local yarn shop for some hat yarn and then we went to the bank. Saturday afternoon John's sister Anna and family came over. Mary and her cousins wanted to go swimming, so Eleanor and I just chilled next to the pool and watched them swim.

Once we got there, Mary discovered that Cheri was putting water in the pool from the hose. Well, the water was FREEZING, but she played in it the entire time. She must have drank a gallon of it too. She did share a bit with Peyton the dog.

I'll be so glad when tomorrow comes, and John goes back to work (even though he's helped me so much the last 5 days), all the visiting is over, and I can get back into our routine.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I'm with you! Even though we love extra DADDY time, it is nice to get back into your routine....I totally get that!

Beautiful pics! Beautiful family !! :)