Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life with my two girls

Well, the days are officially running together. Eleanor is a week old. John went back to work on Monday. Monday went so great. Eleanor napped and Mary and I got to play so much. We did crafts, played outside, jumped on the bed (well, Mary did), and read books. They both napped at the same time in their beds, and I got some peace. Then, yesterday, things went more like I expected. But now I can't even remember what happened. Eleanor was a pooping, eating machine, and Mary was crabby for some reason. I think I said "hang on" to each of them at least a million times. I thought I was tired, but today is even worse. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.

Today started off early, but I did manage to shower and wash my hair without anyone crying or getting hurt. I had to take Eleanor to the doctor for her one week weight check. She weighs 8 pounds! Woohoo! The doctor said she expects breastfed babies to take 2-3 weeks to get back to their birth weights, and Eleanor is already slightly above hers. When I got home it was an hour after Mary's nap time, but she went down easy. I scarfed down some cold leftovers, and Eleanor was up. She then proceeded to nurse for 4 hours straight. She'd nurse, poop, nurse, fall asleep and I'd put her down. Three minutes later she'd be up again ready to nurse. Poor Mary. Thank goodness I'm nursing her too I guess. She has been asking to nurse when Eleanor nurses and I let her if I have enough room where I am sitting (on the couch or on the bed, can't do it in a chair). So we pretty much just hung out and watched TV and played tea party. At 4pm I thought I was going to fall asleep standing up but I managed to pull it together and make a nice dinner for us. Whew. Thank goodness Mom is coming this weekend (John's out of town). I'm hoping she'll be nice enough to dust my house for me:).

Eleanor rocks a tie dye prefold and a kickin' Barbie band aid.

Cloth is working well for us again. We are mainly using prefolds so far. They look huge on her, but they haven't leaked yet. Well, there's the 2-3 times a day I get peed on, but it's always right as I open her dang diaper to change her. Oh, and today, between the scale and the exam room (naked) when she pooped on me. Thanks, baby.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Oh my!! She is beautiful! WOW! She is gaining weight already!

In the beginning I kept telling myself that it will get easier! I still tell myself this regularly! :)
Take care of yourself! Make sure you are eating well! You are nursing two! :)