Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dear Blog,

I haven't forgotten about you. I am sorry I haven't had more time for you. I could try to blog one handed while nursing, but it's just too much work. Again, I'm sorry. I'll try to keep you updated better.

I have managed to find time to craft. Well, I do it in 3 minute intervals, but I have made 2 pair of fleece pants for Ellie. They can be used as diaper covers. I still have 1.5 pair to make. I could finish them in probably 20-30 minutes, but finding that kind of uninterrupted time seems impossible. Like right now, I am have time sort of, but I'm watching Sesame Street with Mary. I could run into the dining room and try to sew, but Mary would be calling my name every 2 mins to ask what I am doing or asking me to come back in here to help her watch. Hopefully I'll get them done in the next day or so and maybe even get pictures. I also knit a hat for Ellie and dyed it after it was done. I am waiting for it to dry then I need to put the finishing touches on it. I've been thinking a lot about Christmas gifts. I know I need to start soon if I have any hope of finishing.

Mary's a wonderful big sister. I think the shock has worn off a bit. She's only told me a few times that she doesn't like Ellie, etc. She still asks a lot if am coming back if I leave her with John. Or if John's coming back if he leaves the house without us. She tells me probably every other day about how she cried when she was eating yogurt (bedtime snack), and I wasn't here because I was in the hospital. And she missed me. She seems pretty insecure. I feel bad for her. Even when I go to another room she asks if I am going away, and if I'll be back pretty soon and will I miss her.

Ellie is, well, a baby. She's nothing like Mary was as a newborn. She's awake A LOT. She only takes one nap per day, and it's a long one. Yesterday she slept for 3 hours and 45 minutes. I think it was 1pm to 4:45pm. Then was up until 10pm. I was so tired and wanted to go to bed but she was wide awake. The good news is that she sleeps super well at night. She slept in the co-sleeper from 10:30 or so until around 2am. I put her in bed with me and fed her. She slept until about 5:30 and then went back to sleep around 6:15am. That wake up is usually the bad one. It's hard for either of us to get back to sleep. But today we slept in until 7:30. So that's sort of her typical day. She's super strong. John and I are both amazed. She loves to sit up while we hold her torso so she can look around. She has amazing head control. If I lay her down on my chest, she can pick her head up and look around. The first 3.5 weeks of her life have flown by.

Oh, how I wish this dang Sesame Street would end! Or that I had some knitting to do. We DVR shows for Mary and then she watches the same ones over and over and over and over..... I have knitting projects to do, but I'd need to actually start a new one which means finding the pattern, the yarn, and the right needles. As soon as I do that, I know Ellie will wake up. That's always how it goes. Today I did chores from 12:15 (when Mary fell asleep) until about 12:50 and then decided to sit with John and watch the F1 race he was watching. At 12:55 Mary woke up. So, I guess I took a 5 minute break from doing anything. I actually was going to sew for those 5 mins, but decided to sit with John instead.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Oh those days will pass by so quickly! Mary will be fine. I remember one time Mimi asked us why we had to have another baby....We told her we thought it was the best gift we could give her....She liked that idea.
Of course, now they fight all the time! I hope someday they will be the best of friends.
Post some pics of the kids! I want to see the girls! :)