Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm trying to find the motivation to work on a project. Any project. I did clean the basement. It had sort of exploded again. Neither one of us wants to work on the living room. Or clean out the closets. I'm ready for spring.

I did get a new light for Christmas. We've now changed out or modified every light in the house.

Hello, 1965!

 The new one matches the other hallway and the girls' bathroom.

We also trimmed out the other doorway in the short hallway.

Note I painted the baseboard in anger.And slopped white paint all over the door trim.

 This piece of baseboard had been missing since Sept 2010.

 Much better.

When I was painting the walls, I got some paint on the (old) baseboard. I ended up just painting the entire thing to match the wall. It looked awful. I also slopped some white touch up paint on the door trim so I'd get sick of looking at it and rip it out sooner rather than later. I'm not even sure when John put the new trim up. Maybe New Year's Eve? 

I guess I am working on a project, but it is slow going. 

 Items for my gallery wall.

I'm piling it up in the dining room as I work. I'm hoping that will keep me from putting it off for another 10 months. I've had most of the frames down in the basement since last spring. I have a few items I really want to add to the wall, but they need custom sized frames. There's a chance I'll be asking John to make them for me. How hard can it be?

I didn't get one decent picture of Mary on her birthday. We had a great party and she got several gifts that she loves. I think that six is going to be a great year for her.

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