Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey girl.

I can check "center rug under bed" off my list. I got a new rug last weekend. The bedroom is one step closer to being done. I really want a new light fixture, but haven't found the perfect one in my price range. I was nice enough to take down the rooster picture (turns out John hated it) over the bed. I replaced it with my stick wreath (which John ran into every time he walked through the dining room). I'm so thoughtful!

Ellie started preschool. I've been cleaning, organizing, shrinking the living room curtains, and fixing them. Just the same old stuff. We aren't doing any home improvement right now. Hopefully we'll start up again soon. I really want to get the living room painted before spring as we have some major exterior projects coming up.

I'm in a hurry yet again. There's never enough time in the morning when I have the house to myself.

Keeping it real.

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