Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas on my mind

If I told you I was busy making Christmas stuff, you'd probably think I was making gifts. Nope, I've been busy making stuff for our house. First, I made this scrappy wreath based on this tutorial. I used some vintage fat quarters that I got at a consignment shop downtown.

Then I made this little button wreath after seeing it on Martha Stewart's website.

Then I made these.

I saw them on a blog I read, and she'd seen something very similar on the Williams-Sonoma website for $70 each. Want to guess how much I spent on mine? $7.60 for all three including tax. The hurricanes were $1 each at the Dollar Tree, I had two of the candle sticks (from my parents' wedding) and got a third from the thrift store for 25 cents. Two of the candles were $1.50 each, and one was 90 cents. I have no idea how or why one was cheaper. I came home, glued the candle sticks to the bottom of the hurricanes, and then glued the candles inside of the hurricane. Woot!

Last up is this mistletoe I knitted and then felted. It's so cute! I think I'll make more next year and give them as gifts.

We started putting up the tree today. I realized John didn't have a handmade stocking, so now I'm making him one.

I also got the material for Mary's new curtains. I'm hoping to start on them tomorrow night. I still need to paint the darn picture frames. Maybe I can work on those tomorrow too.

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Anonymous said...

Those candle holders are brilliant! I may need to copy that. :D