Thursday, October 27, 2011

A reminder for me.

I ran across a picture the other night, and it reminded me of something.

Mary's room, January 2011

I have a hard time remembering how far we've come with the interior of our house. Most of the time I'm busy thinking about when we can start the next project. Or when we can get this or that done. I have a million ideas. I'm always thinking. There's never enough time or energy. I can never catch up.

Maybe I just need to stop and appreciate what we've done.

The same view - today

I saw the picture of Mary's blue room and couldn't believe the difference. Mary's room painted. New trim. Doors painted. The hallway has new trim. Our bedroom door (in the background) has been painted and has new hardware. And of course a million other projects that have been done since the original picture.

This weekend I'm going to go get the paint for the hallway and the living room (they will be the same color). I'm going to try to paint the hallway soon. Knowing myself, I'll probably want to start it Saturday.

Today I primed and painted Ellie's ceiling. We had some electrical work done in her room over the summer. There used to be an exhaust fan in her ceiling. No idea why. There was no overhead light. It was really annoying. We had the fan removed and installed a light. But then there was this huge patch of the ceiling that wasn't painted right. And every night (in the dark) while I was putting Ellie to sleep, I thought about the ceiling. Yup. It's true. Ellie didn't notice. John probably didn't even notice. It wasn't even that the color was too far off, but the paint that had been covered by the fan was flat and the rest of the ceiling was semi-gloss. It's fixed now, and I'll sleep better tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to take the day off from mentally going over the to do list. I'll be back to it on Saturday:)

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