Monday, August 24, 2009

a bit of progress

The basement is slowly coming along. On Friday, after a long day with the girls, John said I could start priming even though we technically weren't ready for it. It actually worked out pretty well, because that was a time that I could work and he could watch the girls. Plus I love to paint, and he doesn't. So I'll probably be priming then painting between his projects.

Go, Mary, Go!!! I was just doing the edging, but Mary started on the wall. I think she did great! Plus, it's just the primer and will be behind the shelves.

All the work made Ellie tired. She toddled over to the paint cans and sat right down.

John got that white door in the pic above hung up Saturday. Now he's working on the ceiling. He got it mostly insulated, took down some of the ceiling panels/tiles where the shelves will be so he could reuse them where they would be seen, and covered the ceiling over where the shelves will be with plywood. Oh, and hung new wood strips up for the ceiling tiles. The camera ended up being full after this pic. He actually got a bit further before ge ran out of insulation.

Remember, he just wanted to build some shelves........

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I can't believe how much unused space is down there! Oh! I am sOooooooo jealous! It will be magnificent! Next time you ask John to do a "simple" house project he will run!!! ;)

It is coming along great!

Love that wall heater, btw!