Thursday, June 4, 2009

Huh? what did you say?

So, Mary's on the phone this morning with Aunt Kate. I could only hear her part of the conversation.

"Hi, Aunt Kate."
"Yeah, we just got up. We're going to eat cinnamon oats."
"And nurse."
"um, nurse"
"Nurse Momma, you know?!?!"

I'm sure Kate was confused as heck. I got Mary off the phone and John told Kate (his sister) what Mary said/meant.

I thought back to when Mary was 5 days old and she wouldn't nurse. She was a sleepy baby. I called the local La Leche League leader and she came to our house to help us. Her name was Bonnie and we'd never met before, but she took time out of her day and arrived ready to help. I'll never forget her. She probably saved my nursing relationship with Mary. She said something to John about nursing her daughter for a long time, but was sort of vague about it. John later told me he thought she didn't go into detail because she didn't want us/me to think I had to nurse Mary that long or that her way was right or wrong. I started going to La Leche League meetings back when we lived in Evansville. I later found out that Bonnie breastfed her daughter for 4 years and 4 months. When I heard that, it felt like a super long time. I do wonder sometimes how much longer Mary will nurse. But at this point, I'm leaving it up to her. And I suppose she'll keep telling people about it, and confusing the heck out of them. It isn't like it's a secret. It's a big part of her life, and mine. I'm sure that most people just assume we've been done for a long time.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

yay for you! you are a super momma. i couldn't do it that long. of course, the biting helped make my decision...i do sometimes miss the snuggling while nursing.

hope you are all better! ~Karen

sara said...

i applaud you for your extended nursing! we just quit with gracie at 23 months because of some meds i am taking. but, it was long enough for us.
like miminmoe's mom said, you are a super momma!